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ConeGeometry allows creation of a cone in 3D space. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Extras 2.4
Instantiates: QConeGeometry


Detailed Description

The ConeGeometry type is most commonly used internally by the ConeMesh type but can also be used in custom GeometryRenderer types. The ConeGeometry type allows for creation of both a cone and a truncated cone.

Property Documentation

bottomRadius : real

Holds the bottom radius of the cone.

hasBottomEndcap : bool

Determines if the cone bottom is capped or open.

hasTopEndcap : bool

Determines if the cone top is capped or open.

[read-only] indexAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry index attribute.

length : real

Holds the length of the cone.

[read-only] normalAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry normal attribute.

[read-only] positionAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry position attribute.

rings : int

Holds the number of rings in the geometry.

slices : int

Holds the number of slices in the geometry.

[read-only] texCoordAttribute : Attribute

Holds the geometry texture coordinate attribute.

topRadius : real

Holds the top radius of the cone.

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