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Text2DEntity allows creation of a 2D text in 3D space. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Extras 2.4
Instantiates: QText2DEntity


Detailed Description

The Text2DEntity renders text as triangles in the XY plane. The geometry will be fitted in the rectangle of specified width and height. If the resulting geometry is wider than the specified width, the remainder will be rendered on the new line.

The entity can be positionned in the scene by adding a transform component.

Text2DEntity will create geometry based on the shape of the glyphs and a solid material using the specified color.

Property Documentation

color : QColor

Holds the color of the text.

font : QFont

Holds the font of the text.

height : float

Holds the height of the text's bounding rectangle.

text : QString

Holds the text used for the mesh.

width : float

Holds the width of the text's bounding rectangle.

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