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The RenderTargetOutput type allows the specification of an attachment of a render target (whether it is a color texture, a depth texture, etc... ). More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.4
Since: Qt 5.7
Instantiates: QRenderTargetOutput



Detailed Description

A RenderTargetOutput specifies the attachment point and parameters for texture that is attached to render target. In addition to the attachment point, texture miplevel, layer and cubemap face can be specified. The texture attached to the RenderTargetOutput must be compatible with the given parameters.

Property Documentation

face : enumeration

Holds the face of the attached cubemap texture the rendering is directed to.

  • Texture.CubeMapPositiveX
  • Texture.CubeMapNegativeX
  • Texture.CubeMapPositiveY
  • Texture.CubeMapNegativeY
  • Texture.CubeMapPositiveZ
  • Texture.CubeMapNegativeZ

See also Qt3DRender::QAbstractTexture::CubeMapFace.

layer : int

Holds the layer of the attached texture the rendering is directed to.

mipLevel : int

Holds the miplevel of the attached texture the rendering is directed to.

texture : Texture

Holds the texture attached to the attachment point.

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