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Provides storage for the sort types to be used. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.4
Since: Qt 5.7
Instantiates: QSortPolicy



Detailed Description

A SortPolicy class stores the sorting type used by the FrameGraph. The sort types determine how drawable entities are sorted before drawing to determine the drawing order. When SortPolicy is present in the FrameGraph, the sorting mechanism is determined by the sortTypes list. Multiple sort types can be used simultaneously. If SortPolicy is not present in the FrameGraph, entities are drawn in the order they appear in the entity hierarchy.

Property Documentation

sortTypes : list<int>

Specifies the sorting types to be used.

This list can include the following values:

  • StateChangeCost - sort the objects so as to minimize the cost of changing from the currently rendered state
  • BackToFront - sort the objects from back to front based on inverted z order. More accurately, the sorting key is the z component of the projection of the camera-to-object-center vector onto the camera's view vector.
  • Material - sort the objects based on their material (shader) value.
  • FrontToBack - sort the objects from front to back. The opposite of BackToFront.
  • [since 5.14] Texture - sort the objects to minimize texture changes.
  • [since 5.15] Uniform - sort the objects to minimize uniform changes.

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