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The ScatterSeries type presents data in scatter charts. More...

Import Statement: import QtCharts 2.2
Instantiates: QScatterSeries



Detailed Description

The scatter data is displayed as a collection of points on the chart. For each point, two values are specified that determine its position on the horizontal axis and the vertical axis.

The following QML code shows how to create a chart with two simple scatter series:

ChartView {
    title: "Scatters"
    anchors.fill: parent
    antialiasing: true

    ScatterSeries {
        id: scatter1
        name: "Scatter1"
        XYPoint { x: 1.5; y: 1.5 }
        XYPoint { x: 1.5; y: 1.6 }
        XYPoint { x: 1.57; y: 1.55 }
        XYPoint { x: 1.8; y: 1.8 }
        XYPoint { x: 1.9; y: 1.6 }
        XYPoint { x: 2.1; y: 1.3 }
        XYPoint { x: 2.5; y: 2.1 }

    ScatterSeries {
        name: "Scatter2"

For more information, see Qml Charts Example.

Property Documentation

borderColor : color

The color used to draw the marker borders.

borderWidth : real

The width of the border line. By default, the width is 2.0.

brushFilename : string

The name of the file used as a brush for the series.

count : int

The number of data points in the series.

markerShape : enumeration

The shape used when rendering marker items:

Constant Description
ScatterSeries.MarkerShapeCircle The marker is a circle. This is the default value.
ScatterSeries.MarkerShapeRectangle The marker is a rectangle.

markerSize : real

The size of the marker used to render the points in the series. The default size is 15.0.

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