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The DynamicParameter (previously MapParameter ) type represents a parameter for a Map element, or other elements used in a Map (such as map items, etc.). This type provides a mean to specify plugin-dependent optional dynamic parameters that allow a plugin to extend the runtime API of the module. More...

Import Statement: import QtLocation 6.4
Since: Qt Location 5.11


Detailed Description

DynamicParameters by default contain only the type property, and are highly plugin-dependent. For this reason, additional properties have to be defined inside a DynamicParameter at declaration time, using the QML syntax "property var foo".

What properties have to be put inside a particular DynamicParameter type for a particular plugin can be found in the documentation of the plugin.

Note: DynamicParameters are optional. By not specifying any of them, the Map, or other container elements, will have the default behavior.

Property Documentation

type : string

Set-once property which holds a string defining the type of the DynamicParameter

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