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MapPinchEvent type provides basic information about pinch event. More...

Import Statement: import QtLocation 6.4
Since: QtLocation 5.0


Detailed Description

MapPinchEvent type provides basic information about pinch event. They are present in handlers of MapPinch (for example pinchStarted/pinchUpdated). Events are only guaranteed to be valid for the duration of the handler.

Except for the accepted property, all properties are read-only.

Example Usage

The following example enables the pinch gesture on a map and reacts to the finished event.

Map {
    id: map
    gesture.enabled: true
        var coordinate1 = map.toCoordinate(gesture.point1)
        var coordinate2 = map.toCoordinate(gesture.point2)
        console.log("Pinch started at:")
        console.log("        Points (" + gesture.point1.x + ", " + gesture.point1.y + ") - (" + gesture.point2.x + ", " + gesture.point2.y + ")")
        console.log("   Coordinates (" + coordinate1.latitude + ", " + coordinate1.longitude + ") - (" + coordinate2.latitude + ", " + coordinate2.longitude + ")")

Property Documentation

[read-only] point1 : QPoint

[read-only] point2 : QPoint

These read-only properties hold the actual touch points generating the pinch. The points are not in any particular order.

accepted : bool

Setting this property to false in the MapPinch::onPinchStarted handler will result in no further pinch events being generated, and the gesture ignored.

[read-only] angle : real

This read-only property holds the current angle between the two points in the range -180 to 180. Positive values for the angles mean counter-clockwise while negative values mean the clockwise direction. Zero degrees is at the 3 o'clock position.

[read-only] center : QPoint

This read-only property holds the current center point.

[read-only] pointCount : int

This read-only property holds the number of points currently touched. The MapPinch will not react until two touch points have initiated a gesture, but will remain active until all touch points have been released.

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