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An audio input to be used for capturing audio in a capture session. More...

Import Statement: import QtMultimedia
Instantiates: QAudioInput


Detailed Description

CaptureSession {
    id: playMusic
    audioInput: AudioInput {
        volume: slider.value
    recorder: MediaRecorder { ... }
Slider {
    id: slider
    from: 0.
    to: 1.

You can use AudioInput together with a QtMultiMedia::CaptureSession to capture audio from an audio input device.

See also Camera and AudioOutput.

Property Documentation

device : AudioDevice

This property describes the audio device connected to this input.

The device property represents the audio device this input is connected to. This property can be used to select an output device from the QtMultimedia::MediaDevices::audioInputs() list.

muted : bool

This property holds whether the audio input is muted.

Defaults to false.

volume : real

The volume is scaled linearly, ranging from 0 (silence) to 1 (full volume).

Note: values outside this range will be clamped.

By default the volume is 1.

UI volume controls should usually be scaled non-linearly. For example, using a logarithmic scale will produce linear changes in perceived loudness, which is what a user would normally expect from a volume control.

See also QAudio::convertVolume().

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