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The OPC UA ApplicationDescription. More...

Import Statement: import QtOpcUa
Since: QtOpcUa 5.13


Detailed Description

The application description contains information about an OPC UA application.

Property Documentation

ApplicationType : enumeration

The application type.

Constant Description
Server This application is a server.
Client This application is a client.
ClientAndServer This application is a client and a server.
DiscoveryServer This application is a discovery server.

applicationName : LocalizedText

Name describing the application.

applicationType : ApplicationType

The application's type: server, client, both, or discovery server.

applicationUri : string

The globally unique identifier for this application instance.

discoveryProfileUri : string

The URI of the supported discovery profile.

discoveryUrls : list

A list of URLs of discovery endpoints.

gatewayServerUri : string

The URI of the gateway server.

productUri : string

The globally unique identifier for this product.

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