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Represents a value node from a server. More...

Import Statement: import QtOpcUa
Since: QtOpcUa 5.12



Detailed Description

import QtOpcUa as QtOpcUa

QtOpcUa.ValueNode {
    nodeId: QtOpcUa.NodeId {
        ns: "Test Namespace"
        identifier: "s=TestName"
    connection: myConnection

A subscription will be created on the server in order to track value changes on the server.

See also NodeId, Connection, and Node.

Property Documentation

[read-only] serverTimestamp : Date

Server timestamp of the value attribute.

[read-only] sourceTimestamp : Date

Source timestamp of the value attribute.

value : variant

Value of this node. Reading and writing this property will access the node on the server.

valueType : variant

Type type of this node. The initial value will be QtOpcUa.Constants.Undefined and be fetched from the server when the first connection is established. Any value will be written to the server as the specified type.

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