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The PluginParameter type describes a parameter for a position plugin. More...

Import Statement: import QtPositioning 6.4
Since: QtPositioning 5.14


Detailed Description

The PluginParameter object is used to provide a parameter of some kind to a plugin. Typically, these parameters contain details like an application token for access to a service, or a proxy server to use for network access, or the serial port to which a serial GPS receiver is connected.

To set such a parameter, declare a PluginParameter inside an element that accepts plugin parameters as configuration objects, such as a PositionSource object, and set values for its name and value properties. A list of valid parameter names for each plugin is available from the default plugins page for position plugins.

Example Usage

The following example shows the instantiation of the NMEA plugin with the nmea.source parameter that specifies the data source.

PositionSource {
    name: "nmea"
    PluginParameter { name: "nmea.source"; value: "serial:/dev/ttyACM0" }

Property Documentation

name : string

This property holds the name of the plugin parameter as a single formatted string. This property is a write-once property.

value : QVariant

This property holds the value of the plugin parameter which support different types of values (variant). This property is a write-once property.

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