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The QAbstractState type is the base type of States of a StateMachine. More...

Import Statement: import QtQml.StateMachine 1.11
Since: Qt 5.4
Inherited By:

FinalState, HistoryState, and State



Detailed Description

Do not use QAbstractState directly; use State, FinalState or StateMachine instead.

See also StateMachine and State.

Property Documentation

[read-only] active : bool

The active property of this state. A state is active between entered() and exited() signals. This property is readonly.

See also entered and exited.

Signal Documentation


This signal is emitted when the State becomes active.

The corresponding handler is onEntered.

See also active and exited.


This signal is emitted when the State becomes inactive.

The corresponding handler is onExited.

See also active and entered.