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A radio button with a text label. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Controls 1.4
Since: Qt 5.1




Detailed Description

A RadioButton is an option button that can be switched on (checked) or off (unchecked). Radio buttons typically present the user with a "one of many" choices. In a group of radio buttons, only one radio button can be checked at a time; if the user selects another button, the previously selected button is switched off.

GroupBox {
    title: "Tab Position"

    RowLayout {
        ExclusiveGroup { id: tabPositionGroup }
        RadioButton {
            text: "Top"
            checked: true
            exclusiveGroup: tabPositionGroup
        RadioButton {
            text: "Bottom"
            exclusiveGroup: tabPositionGroup

You can create a custom appearance for a RadioButton by assigning a RadioButtonStyle.

Property Documentation

activeFocusOnPress : bool

This property is true if the control takes the focus when it is pressed; forceActiveFocus() will be called on the control.

checked : bool

This property is true if the control is checked.

exclusiveGroup : ExclusiveGroup

This property stores the ExclusiveGroup that the control belongs to.

[read-only] hovered : bool

This property indicates whether the control is being hovered.

pressed : bool

This property is true if the control is being pressed. Set this property to manually invoke a mouse click.

style : Component

The style Component for this control.

See also Qt Quick Controls Styles QML Types.

text : string

This property holds the text that the label should display.

tooltip : string

This property holds the button tooltip.

This QML property was introduced in QtQuick.Controls 1.7.

Signal Documentation


Emitted whenever the control is clicked.

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