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Basic item delegate that can be used in various views and controls. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Controls 2.4
Since: Qt 5.7


Inherited By:

CheckDelegate, RadioDelegate, SwipeDelegate, and SwitchDelegate


Detailed Description

ItemDelegate presents a standard view item. It can be used as a delegate in various views and controls, such as ListView and ComboBox.

ItemDelegate inherits its API from AbstractButton. For instance, you can set text, display an icon, and react to clicks using the AbstractButton API.

ListView {
    width: 160
    height: 240

    model: Qt.fontFamilies()

    delegate: ItemDelegate {
        text: modelData
        width: parent.width
        onClicked: console.log("clicked:", modelData)

    ScrollIndicator.vertical: ScrollIndicator { }

See also Customizing ItemDelegate and Delegate Controls.

Property Documentation

highlighted : bool

This property holds whether the delegate is highlighted.

A delegate can be highlighted in order to draw the user's attention towards it. It has no effect on keyboard interaction. For example, you can highlight the current item in a ListView using the following code:

ListView {
    id: listView
    model: 10
    delegate: ItemDelegate {
        text: modelData
        highlighted: ListView.isCurrentItem
        onClicked: listView.currentIndex = index

The default value is false.

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