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Separates a group of items in a menu from adjacent items. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Controls
Since: Qt 5.8


Detailed Description

MenuSeparator is used to visually distinguish between groups of items in a menu by separating them with a line.

import QtQuick
import QtQuick.Controls

Menu {
    id: menu
    MenuItem {
        text: qsTr("New...")
    MenuItem {
        text: qsTr("Open...")
    MenuItem {
        text: qsTr("Save")

    MenuSeparator {
        padding: 0
        topPadding: 12
        bottomPadding: 12
        contentItem: Rectangle {
            implicitWidth: 200
            implicitHeight: 1
            color: "#1E000000"

    MenuItem {
        text: qsTr("Exit")

See also Customizing Menu, Menu, and Separator Controls.

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