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Provides a way to scale an Item. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick


Detailed Description

The Scale type provides a way to scale an Item through a scale-type transform.

It allows different scaling values for the x and y axes, and allows the scale to be relative to an arbitrary point. This gives more control over item scaling than the scale property.

The following example scales the X axis of the Rectangle, relative to its interior point (25, 25):

Rectangle {
    width: 100; height: 100
    color: "blue"
    transform: Scale { origin.x: 25; origin.y: 25; xScale: 3}

See also Rotation and Translate.

Property Documentation

origin group

origin.x : real

origin.y : real

This property holds the point that the item is scaled from (that is, the point that stays fixed relative to the parent as the rest of the item grows).

The default value of the origin is (0, 0).

xScale : real

The scaling factor for the X axis.

The default value is 1.0.

yScale : real

The scaling factor for the Y axis.

The default value is 1.0.

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