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Specifies how to run a script in a state. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick


Detailed Description

A StateChangeScript is run upon entering a state. You can optionally use ScriptAction to specify the point in the transition at which the StateChangeScript should be run.

State {
    name: "state1"
    StateChangeScript {
        name: "myScript"
        script: doStateStuff();
    // ...
// ...
Transition {
    to: "state1"
    SequentialAnimation {
        NumberAnimation { /* ... */ }
        ScriptAction { scriptName: "myScript" }
        NumberAnimation { /* ... */ }

See also ScriptAction.

Property Documentation

name : string

This property holds the name of the script. This name can be used by a ScriptAction to target a specific script.

See also ScriptAction::scriptName.

script : script

This property holds the script to run when the state is current.

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