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A tilt shift blur effect. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Effects 6.4


Detailed Description

The TiltShift effect simulates depth of field in a simple and performant manner. Instead of blurring based on the depth buffer, it blurs everything outside a horizontal or vertical strip of the scene.

See also DepthOfFieldHQBlur.

Property Documentation

blurAmount : real

Specifies the strength of the blur effect. Values above 4 may cause artifacts. The range is [0...10]. The default value is 4.

focusPosition : real

The placement of the focus bar in normalized coordinates. The range is [0...1]. The default value is 0.5, corresponding to the middle of the scene.

focusWidth : real

Specifies the width of the in-focus area in normalized coordinates. Objects within this range of focusPosition will be in focus. The range is [0...1]. The default value is 0.2.

isInverted : bool

Inverts the blur area, so the center is blurred instead. The default value is false.

isVertical : bool

Makes the effect work vertically instead of horizontally. The default value is false.

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