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Defines a node in a skeletal animation hierarchy. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D



Detailed Description

A joint is a transformable node inside a Skeleton, used for skeletal animation. It is called a "joint" because it can be seen as a joint between the bones of a skeleton.

All the joints must be contained inside a Skeleton, and each joint must have a skeletonRoot pointing back to that skeleton.

Skeleton {
    id: qmlskeleton
    Joint {
        id: joint0
        index: 0
        skeletonRoot: qmlskeleton
        Joint {
            id: joint1
            index: 1
            skeletonRoot: qmlskeleton

Property Documentation

index : int

Specifies the index of this joint. This index value is used in the JointSemantic custom geometry attribute.

Note: Index values must be unique within the same Skeleton.

Note: Negative values cannot be assigned.

See also QQuick3DGeometry::addAttribute and Qt Quick 3D - Simple Skinning Example.

skeletonRoot : Skeleton

Specifies the Skeleton that contains this joint.

Note: All the Joints in the Skeleton must have the same skeletonRoot. If not, the animation will be broken.

See also Skeleton.

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