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A request for letting the user choose a (new or existing) file or directory. More...

Import Statement: import QtWebEngine
Since: QtWebEngine 1.4



Detailed Description

A FileDialogRequest is passed as an argument of the WebEngineView::fileDialogRequested signal. It is generated when the file dialog is requested by the input element. See File Upload state.

The accepted property of the request indicates whether the request is handled by the user code or the default dialog should be displayed. If you set the accepted property to true, make sure to call either dialogAccept() or dialogReject() afterwards.

The following code uses a custom dialog to handle the request:

WebEngineView {
    // ...
    onFileDialogRequested: function(request) {
        request.accepted = true;
        myDialog.request = request // keep the reference to the request
        myDialog.visible = true;
    // ...

Property Documentation

accepted : bool

Indicates whether the file picker dialog request has been handled by the signal handler.

If the property is false after any signal handlers for WebEngineView::fileDialogRequested have been executed, a default file picker dialog will be shown. To prevent this, set request.accepted to true.

The default is false.

[read-only] acceptedMimeTypes : stringlist

A list of MIME types specified in the input element. The selection should be restricted to only these types of files.

[read-only] defaultFileName : string

The default name of the file to be selected in the dialog.

[read-only] mode : enumeration

The mode of the file dialog.

Constant Description
FileDialogRequest.FileModeOpen Allows users to specify a single existing file.
FileDialogRequest.FileModeOpenMultiple Allows users to specify multiple existing files.
FileDialogRequest.FileModeUploadFolder Allows users to specify a single existing folder for upload.
FileDialogRequest.FileModeSave Allows users to specify a non-existing file. If an existing file is selected, the users should be informed that the file is going to be overwritten.

Method Documentation

void dialogAccept(stringlist files)

This function needs to be called when the user accepted the dialog with files.

void dialogReject()

This function needs to be called when the user did not accepted the dialog.

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