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A utility type for the WebEngineView::loadingChanged signal. More...

Import Statement: import QtWebEngine
Since: QtWebEngine 1.0
Instantiates: QWebEngineLoadingInfo


Detailed Description

Contains information about a request for loading a web page, such as the URL and current loading status (started, succeeded, failed).

See also WebEngineView::loadingChanged.

Property Documentation

[read-only] errorCode : int

Holds the error code.

[read-only] errorDomain : enumeration

This enumeration holds the type of a load request error:

Constant Description
WebEngineLoadingInfo.NoErrorDomain Error type is not known.
WebEngineLoadingInfo.InternalErrorDomain Content cannot be interpreted by Qt WebEngine.
WebEngineLoadingInfo.ConnectionErrorDomain Error results from a faulty network connection.
WebEngineLoadingInfo.CertificateErrorDomain Error is related to the SSL/TLS certificate.
WebEngineLoadingInfo.HttpErrorDomain Error is related to the HTTP connection.
WebEngineLoadingInfo.FtpErrorDomain Error is related to the FTP connection.
WebEngineLoadingInfo.DnsErrorDomain Error is related to the DNS connection.
WebEngineLoadingInfo.HttpStatusCodeDomain Error is the HTTP response status code, even in case of success e.g. the server replied with status 200.

[read-only] errorString : string

Holds the error message.

[read-only] status : enumeration

This enumeration represents the load status of a web page load request:

Constant Description
WebEngineView.LoadStartedStatus Page is currently loading.
WebEngineView.LoadStoppedStatus Loading the page was stopped by the stop() method or by the loader code or network stack in Chromium.
WebEngineView.LoadSucceededStatus Page has been loaded with success.
WebEngineView.LoadFailedStatus Page could not be loaded.

See also WebEngineView::loadingChanged.

[read-only] url : url

Holds the URL of the load request.

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