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QNdefNfcTextRecord Class

The QNdefNfcTextRecord class provides an NFC RTD-Text. More...

Header: #include <QNdefNfcTextRecord>
qmake: QT += nfc
Since: Qt 5.2
Inherits: QNdefRecord

Public Types

enum Encoding { Utf8, Utf16 }

Public Functions

QNdefNfcTextRecord(const QNdefRecord &other)
QNdefNfcTextRecord::Encoding encoding() const
QString locale() const
void setEncoding(QNdefNfcTextRecord::Encoding encoding)
void setLocale(const QString &locale)
void setText(const QString text)
QString text() const

Detailed Description

The QNdefNfcTextRecord class provides an NFC RTD-Text.

RTD-Text encapsulates a user displayable text record.

Member Type Documentation

enum QNdefNfcTextRecord::Encoding

This enum describes the text encoding standard used.

Constant Value Description
QNdefNfcTextRecord::Utf8 0 The text is encoded with UTF-8.
QNdefNfcTextRecord::Utf16 1 The text is encoding with UTF-16.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs an empty NFC text record of type QNdefRecord::NfcRtd.

QNdefNfcTextRecord::QNdefNfcTextRecord(const QNdefRecord &other)

Constructs a new NFC text record that is a copy of other.

QNdefNfcTextRecord::Encoding QNdefNfcTextRecord::encoding() const

Returns the encoding of the contents.

See also setEncoding().

QString QNdefNfcTextRecord::locale() const

Returns the locale of the text record.

See also setLocale().

void QNdefNfcTextRecord::setEncoding(QNdefNfcTextRecord::Encoding encoding)

Sets the enconding of the contents to encoding.

See also encoding().

void QNdefNfcTextRecord::setLocale(const QString &locale)

Sets the locale of the text record to locale.

See also locale().

void QNdefNfcTextRecord::setText(const QString text)

Sets the contents of the text record to text.

See also text().

QString QNdefNfcTextRecord::text() const

Returns the contents of the text record as a string.

See also setText().

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