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QOpcUaAddNodeItem Class

This class stores the necessary information to create a new node on the server. More...

Header: #include <QOpcUaAddNodeItem>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS OpcUa)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::OpcUa)
qmake: QT += opcua

Public Functions

QOpcUaAddNodeItem(const QOpcUaAddNodeItem &other)
QOpcUaAddNodeItem & operator=(const QOpcUaAddNodeItem &rhs)
QOpcUaQualifiedName browseName() const
QOpcUaNodeCreationAttributes nodeAttributes() const
QOpcUaNodeCreationAttributes & nodeAttributesRef()
QOpcUa::NodeClass nodeClass() const
QOpcUaExpandedNodeId parentNodeId() const
QString referenceTypeId() const
QOpcUaExpandedNodeId requestedNewNodeId() const
void setBrowseName(const QOpcUaQualifiedName &browseName)
void setNodeAttributes(const QOpcUaNodeCreationAttributes &nodeAttributes)
void setNodeClass(const QOpcUa::NodeClass &nodeClass)
void setParentNodeId(const QOpcUaExpandedNodeId &parentNodeId)
void setReferenceTypeId(const QString &referenceTypeId)
void setRequestedNewNodeId(const QOpcUaExpandedNodeId &requestedNewNodeId)
void setTypeDefinition(const QOpcUaExpandedNodeId &typeDefinition)
QOpcUaExpandedNodeId typeDefinition() const

Detailed Description

See also QOpcUaClient::addNode().

Member Function Documentation

QOpcUaAddNodeItem::QOpcUaAddNodeItem(const QOpcUaAddNodeItem &other)

Constructs a add node item from other.

QOpcUaAddNodeItem &QOpcUaAddNodeItem::operator=(const QOpcUaAddNodeItem &rhs)

Assigns the values from rhs to this add node item.

QOpcUaQualifiedName QOpcUaAddNodeItem::browseName() const

Returns the browse name of the new node.

See also setBrowseName().

QOpcUaNodeCreationAttributes QOpcUaAddNodeItem::nodeAttributes() const

Returns the values for the node attributes of the new node.

See also setNodeAttributes().

QOpcUaNodeCreationAttributes &QOpcUaAddNodeItem::nodeAttributesRef()

Returns a reference to the values for the node attributes of the new node.

QOpcUa::NodeClass QOpcUaAddNodeItem::nodeClass() const

Returns the node class of the new node.

See also setNodeClass().

QOpcUaExpandedNodeId QOpcUaAddNodeItem::parentNodeId() const

Returns the parent node id.

See also setParentNodeId().

QString QOpcUaAddNodeItem::referenceTypeId() const

Returns the reference type id.

See also setReferenceTypeId().

QOpcUaExpandedNodeId QOpcUaAddNodeItem::requestedNewNodeId() const

Returns the requested new node id.

See also setRequestedNewNodeId().

void QOpcUaAddNodeItem::setBrowseName(const QOpcUaQualifiedName &browseName)

Sets the browse name of the new node to browseName.

See also browseName().

void QOpcUaAddNodeItem::setNodeAttributes(const QOpcUaNodeCreationAttributes &nodeAttributes)

Sets the values for the node attributes of the new node to nodeAttributes. Only the attributes supported by the node class of the new node will be used.

See also nodeAttributes().

void QOpcUaAddNodeItem::setNodeClass(const QOpcUa::NodeClass &nodeClass)

Sets the node class of the new node to nodeClass.

See also nodeClass().

void QOpcUaAddNodeItem::setParentNodeId(const QOpcUaExpandedNodeId &parentNodeId)

Sets the parent node id to parentNodeId. A reference of the type set in setReferenceTypeId() from this node to the newly added node will be created.

See also parentNodeId() and setReferenceTypeId().

void QOpcUaAddNodeItem::setReferenceTypeId(const QString &referenceTypeId)

Sets the reference type id to referenceTypeId. A reference of this type will be used to connect the node to the parent node.

See also referenceTypeId().

void QOpcUaAddNodeItem::setRequestedNewNodeId(const QOpcUaExpandedNodeId &requestedNewNodeId)

Sets the requested new node id to requestedNewNodeId.

See also requestedNewNodeId().

void QOpcUaAddNodeItem::setTypeDefinition(const QOpcUaExpandedNodeId &typeDefinition)

Sets the node id of the type definition node to typeDefinition. This value shall be set if the node class is not Object or Variable.

See also typeDefinition().

QOpcUaExpandedNodeId QOpcUaAddNodeItem::typeDefinition() const

Returns the node id of the type definition node.

See also setTypeDefinition().

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