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QPlaceImage Class

The QPlaceImage class represents a reference to an image. More...

Header: #include <QPlaceImage>
qmake: QT += location
Since: Qt 5.6
Inherits: QPlaceContent

Public Functions

QPlaceImage(const QPlaceContent &other)
virtual ~QPlaceImage()
QString imageId() const
QString mimeType() const
void setImageId(const QString &identifier)
void setMimeType(const QString &type)
void setUrl(const QUrl &url)
QUrl url() const

Detailed Description

Each QPlaceImage represents a set of metadata about an image such as it's url, identifier and MIME type. These are properties in addition to those provided by QPlaceContent.

Note: The Places API only supports images as 'retrieve-only' objects. Submitting images to a provider is not a supported use case.

See also QPlaceContent.

Member Function Documentation

QPlaceImage::QPlaceImage(const QPlaceContent &other)

Constructs a copy of other if possible, otherwise constructs a default image.


Constructs an new QPlaceImage.

[virtual] QPlaceImage::~QPlaceImage()


QString QPlaceImage::imageId() const

Returns the image's identifier.

See also setImageId().

QString QPlaceImage::mimeType() const

Returns the image's MIME type.

See also setMimeType().

void QPlaceImage::setImageId(const QString &identifier)

Sets image's identifier.

See also imageId().

void QPlaceImage::setMimeType(const QString &type)

Sets image's MIME type.

See also mimeType().

void QPlaceImage::setUrl(const QUrl &url)

Sets the image's url.

See also url().

QUrl QPlaceImage::url() const

Returns the image's url.

See also setUrl().

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