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QPlaceMatchRequest Class

The QPlaceMatchRequest class is used to find places from one manager that match those from another. It represents a set of request parameters. More...

Header: #include <QPlaceMatchRequest>
qmake: QT += location
Since: Qt 5.6

Public Functions

QPlaceMatchRequest(const QPlaceMatchRequest &other)
QPlaceMatchRequest & operator=(const QPlaceMatchRequest &other)
void clear()
QVariantMap parameters() const
QList<QPlace> places() const
void setParameters(const QVariantMap &parameters)
void setPlaces(const QList<QPlace> places)
void setResults(const QList<QPlaceSearchResult> &results)
bool operator!=(const QPlaceMatchRequest &other) const
bool operator==(const QPlaceMatchRequest &other) const

Static Public Members

const QString AlternativeId

Detailed Description

Places from another manager that may have corresponding/matching places in the current manager are assigned using setPlaces() or setResults(). A set of further parameters are specified which determines the criteria for matching.

The typical key for matching is the QPlaceMatchRequest::AlternativeId, the value is an alternative identifier attribute type of the format x_id_<provider name> for example x_id_here. The provider name is name supplied to the QGeoServiceProvider instance.

See Matching places between managers for an example on how to use a match request.

See also QPlaceMatchReply and QPlaceManager.

Member Function Documentation

QPlaceMatchRequest::QPlaceMatchRequest(const QPlaceMatchRequest &other)

Constructs a copy of other.


Default constructor. Constructs a new request object.

QPlaceMatchRequest &QPlaceMatchRequest::operator=(const QPlaceMatchRequest &other)

Assigns other to this search request and returns a reference to this match request.


Destroys the request object.

void QPlaceMatchRequest::clear()

Clears the match request.

QVariantMap QPlaceMatchRequest::parameters() const

Returns the parameters for matching places.

See also setParameters().

QList<QPlace> QPlaceMatchRequest::places() const

Returns a list of places which are to be matched.

See also setPlaces().

void QPlaceMatchRequest::setParameters(const QVariantMap &parameters)

Sets the parameters for matching places.

See also parameters().

void QPlaceMatchRequest::setPlaces(const QList<QPlace> places)

Sets a list of places which are to be matched.

See also places() and setResults().

void QPlaceMatchRequest::setResults(const QList<QPlaceSearchResult> &results)

Convenience function which uses a set of search results to set the places which should be matched.

See also setPlaces().

bool QPlaceMatchRequest::operator!=(const QPlaceMatchRequest &other) const

Returns true if other is not equal to this match request, otherwise returns false.

bool QPlaceMatchRequest::operator==(const QPlaceMatchRequest &other) const

Returns true if other is equal to this match request, otherwise returns false.

Member Variable Documentation

const QString QPlaceMatchRequest::AlternativeId

The key to specify that matching is to be accomplished via an alternative place identifier.

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