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ItemChangeData Union

union QQuickItem::ItemChangeData

Adds supplementary information to the QQuickItem::itemChange() function. More...

Public Variables

bool boolValue
QQuickItem * item
qreal realValue
QQuickWindow * window

Detailed Description

The meaning of each member of this class is defined by the change type.

See also QQuickItem::ItemChange.

Member Variable Documentation

bool ItemChangeData::boolValue

The boolean value that has changed: visible, enabled, activeFocus, or antialiasing.

See also QQuickItem::ItemChange.

QQuickItem *ItemChangeData::item

The item that has been added or removed as a child, or the new parent.

See also QQuickItem::ItemChange.

qreal ItemChangeData::realValue

The numeric value that has changed: opacity, rotation, or device pixel ratio.

See also QQuickItem::ItemChange.

QQuickWindow *ItemChangeData::window

The window in which the item has been shown, or nullptr if the item has been removed from a window.

See also QQuickItem::ItemChange.

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