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QSslError Class

The QSslError class provides an SSL error. More...

Header: #include <QSslError>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Network)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Network)
qmake: QT += network

Note: All functions in this class are reentrant.

Public Types

enum SslError { NoError, UnableToGetIssuerCertificate, UnableToDecryptCertificateSignature, UnableToDecodeIssuerPublicKey, CertificateSignatureFailed, …, OcspStatusUnknown }

Public Functions

QSslError(const QSslError &other)
QSslError(QSslError::SslError error, const QSslCertificate &certificate)
QSslError(QSslError::SslError error)
QSslError & operator=(const QSslError &other)
QSslCertificate certificate() const
QSslError::SslError error() const
QString errorString() const
void swap(QSslError &other)
bool operator!=(const QSslError &other) const
bool operator==(const QSslError &other) const

Detailed Description

QSslError provides a simple API for managing errors during QSslSocket's SSL handshake.

See also QSslSocket, QSslCertificate, and QSslCipher.

Member Type Documentation

enum QSslError::SslError

Describes all recognized errors that can occur during an SSL handshake.

Constant Value
QSslError::NoError 0
QSslError::UnableToGetIssuerCertificate 1
QSslError::UnableToDecryptCertificateSignature 2
QSslError::UnableToDecodeIssuerPublicKey 3
QSslError::CertificateSignatureFailed 4
QSslError::CertificateNotYetValid 5
QSslError::CertificateExpired 6
QSslError::InvalidNotBeforeField 7
QSslError::InvalidNotAfterField 8
QSslError::SelfSignedCertificate 9
QSslError::SelfSignedCertificateInChain 10
QSslError::UnableToGetLocalIssuerCertificate 11
QSslError::UnableToVerifyFirstCertificate 12
QSslError::CertificateRevoked 13
QSslError::InvalidCaCertificate 14
QSslError::PathLengthExceeded 15
QSslError::InvalidPurpose 16
QSslError::CertificateUntrusted 17
QSslError::CertificateRejected 18
QSslError::SubjectIssuerMismatch 19
QSslError::AuthorityIssuerSerialNumberMismatch 20
QSslError::NoPeerCertificate 21
QSslError::HostNameMismatch 22
QSslError::UnspecifiedError -1
QSslError::NoSslSupport 23
QSslError::CertificateBlacklisted 24
QSslError::CertificateStatusUnknown 25
QSslError::OcspNoResponseFound 26
QSslError::OcspMalformedRequest 27
QSslError::OcspMalformedResponse 28
QSslError::OcspInternalError 29
QSslError::OcspTryLater 30
QSslError::OcspSigRequred 31
QSslError::OcspUnauthorized 32
QSslError::OcspResponseCannotBeTrusted 33
QSslError::OcspResponseCertIdUnknown 34
QSslError::OcspResponseExpired 35
QSslError::OcspStatusUnknown 36

See also QSslError::errorString().

Member Function Documentation

QSslError::QSslError(const QSslError &other)

Constructs an identical copy of other.

QSslError::QSslError(QSslError::SslError error, const QSslCertificate &certificate)

Constructs a QSslError object. The two arguments specify the error that occurred, and which certificate the error relates to.

See also QSslCertificate.

QSslError::QSslError(QSslError::SslError error)

Constructs a QSslError object. The argument specifies the error that occurred.


Constructs a QSslError object with no error and default certificate.

QSslError &QSslError::operator=(const QSslError &other)

Assigns the contents of other to this error.


Destroys the QSslError object.

QSslCertificate QSslError::certificate() const

Returns the certificate associated with this error, or a null certificate if the error does not relate to any certificate.

See also error() and errorString().

QSslError::SslError QSslError::error() const

Returns the type of the error.

See also errorString() and certificate().

QString QSslError::errorString() const

Returns a short localized human-readable description of the error.

See also error() and certificate().

[since 5.0] void QSslError::swap(QSslError &other)

Swaps this error instance with other. This function is very fast and never fails.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.0.

bool QSslError::operator!=(const QSslError &other) const

Returns true if this error is not equal to other; otherwise returns false.

bool QSslError::operator==(const QSslError &other) const

Returns true if this error is equal to other; otherwise returns false.

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