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QSupportedWritingSystems Class

The QSupportedWritingSystems class is used when registering fonts with the internal Qt fontdatabase. More...

Header: #include <QSupportedWritingSystems>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Gui)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Gui)
qmake: QT += gui

Public Functions

QSupportedWritingSystems(const QSupportedWritingSystems &other)
QSupportedWritingSystems & operator=(const QSupportedWritingSystems &other)
void setSupported(QFontDatabase::WritingSystem writingSystem, bool support = true)
bool supported(QFontDatabase::WritingSystem writingSystem) const

Detailed Description

Its to provide an easy to use interface for indicating what writing systems a specific font supports.

Member Function Documentation

QSupportedWritingSystems::QSupportedWritingSystems(const QSupportedWritingSystems &other)

Constructs a copy of the other writing systems object.


Constructs a new object to handle supported writing systems.

QSupportedWritingSystems &QSupportedWritingSystems::operator=(const QSupportedWritingSystems &other)

Constructs a copy of the other writing systems object.


Destroys the supported writing systems object.

void QSupportedWritingSystems::setSupported(QFontDatabase::WritingSystem writingSystem, bool support = true)

Sets or clears support for the specified writingSystem based on the value given by support.

See also supported().

bool QSupportedWritingSystems::supported(QFontDatabase::WritingSystem writingSystem) const

Returns true if the writing system specified by writingSystem is supported; otherwise returns false.

See also setSupported().

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