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QTextureImageData Class

class Qt3DRender::QTextureImageData

QTextureImageData stores data representing a texture. More...

Header: #include <QTextureImageData>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS 3drender)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::3drender)
qmake: QT += 3drender
Since: Qt 5.5

Public Functions

int alignment() const
void cleanup()
QByteArray data(int layer = 0, int face = 0, int mipmapLevel = 0) const
int depth() const
int faces() const
QOpenGLTexture::TextureFormat format() const
int height() const
bool isCompressed() const
int layers() const
int mipLevels() const
QOpenGLTexture::PixelFormat pixelFormat() const
QOpenGLTexture::PixelType pixelType() const
void setAlignment(int alignment)
void setData(const QByteArray &data, int blockSize, bool isCompressed = false)
void setDepth(int depth)
void setFaces(int faces)
void setFormat(QOpenGLTexture::TextureFormat format)
void setHeight(int height)
void setImage(const QImage &image)
void setLayers(int layers)
void setMipLevels(int mipLevels)
void setPixelFormat(QOpenGLTexture::PixelFormat pixelFormat)
void setPixelType(QOpenGLTexture::PixelType pixelType)
void setTarget(QOpenGLTexture::Target target)
void setWidth(int width)
QOpenGLTexture::Target target() const
int width() const

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation


Constructs a new Qt3DRender::QTextureImageData.

int QTextureImageData::alignment() const

Returns the alignment requirement for the image.

See also setAlignment().

void QTextureImageData::cleanup()

Remove stored texture data and return the object to its initial state

QByteArray QTextureImageData::data(int layer = 0, int face = 0, int mipmapLevel = 0) const

Returns the raw image data for the texture at layer layer, face face and mipmapLevel mipmapLevel.

See also setData().

int QTextureImageData::depth() const

Returns the depth of the stored texture

See also setDepth().

int QTextureImageData::faces() const

Returns the number of faces in the stored texture

See also setFaces().

QOpenGLTexture::TextureFormat QTextureImageData::format() const

Returns the format of the stored texture.

See also setFormat().

int QTextureImageData::height() const

Returns the height of the stored texture

See also setHeight().

bool QTextureImageData::isCompressed() const

Returns true if the stored texture is in a compressed format

int QTextureImageData::layers() const

Returns the number of layers in the stored texture

See also setLayers().

int QTextureImageData::mipLevels() const

Returns the number of mip levels in the stored texture

See also setMipLevels().

QOpenGLTexture::PixelFormat QTextureImageData::pixelFormat() const

Returns the pixel format of the stored texture.

See also setPixelFormat().

QOpenGLTexture::PixelType QTextureImageData::pixelType() const

Returns the pixel type of the stored texture.

See also setPixelType().

void QTextureImageData::setAlignment(int alignment)

Sets the alignment requirements for the image.

See also alignment().

void QTextureImageData::setData(const QByteArray &data, int blockSize, bool isCompressed = false)

Stores the data data with blocksize blockSize and if the data to be stored is compressed isCompressed.

See also data().

void QTextureImageData::setDepth(int depth)

Sets the depth to depth. setDepth

See also depth().

void QTextureImageData::setFaces(int faces)

Sets the faces to faces. setFaces

See also faces().

void QTextureImageData::setFormat(QOpenGLTexture::TextureFormat format)

Sets the format to format.

See also format().

void QTextureImageData::setHeight(int height)

Sets the height to height. setHeight

See also height().

void QTextureImageData::setImage(const QImage &image)

Copies the image image as raw data within this object.

void QTextureImageData::setLayers(int layers)

Sets the layers to layers. setLayers

See also layers().

void QTextureImageData::setMipLevels(int mipLevels)

Sets the mip levels to mipLevels. setMipLevels

See also mipLevels().

void QTextureImageData::setPixelFormat(QOpenGLTexture::PixelFormat pixelFormat)

Sets the pixel format to pixelFormat.

See also pixelFormat().

void QTextureImageData::setPixelType(QOpenGLTexture::PixelType pixelType)

Sets the pixel type to pixelType.

See also pixelType().

void QTextureImageData::setTarget(QOpenGLTexture::Target target)

Sets the target to target.

See also target().

void QTextureImageData::setWidth(int width)

Sets the width to width. setWidth

See also width().

QOpenGLTexture::Target QTextureImageData::target() const

Returns the target for the stored texture.

See also setTarget().

int QTextureImageData::width() const

Returns the width of the stored texture

See also setWidth().

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