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Qt Linguist Manual

Qt provides excellent support for translating Qt C++ and Qt Quick applications into local languages. Release managers, translators, and developers can use Qt tools to accomplish their tasks.

Release managers bear the overall responsibility for the release of the application. Typically, they coordinate the work of developers and translators. They can use the lupdate tool to synchronize source code and translations and the lrelease tool to create run-time translation files for use by the released application.

Translators can use the Qt Linguist tool to translate text in applications. No computer knowledge beyond the ability to start a program and use a text editor or word processor is required.

Developers must create Qt applications that are able to use translated text. They should also help translators identify the context in which phrases appear. Developers can use tutorials to learn about their tasks.

For more information about the supported languages and writing systems, see Internationalization with Qt.

Table of Contents

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