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Obsolete Members for QTouchEvent

The following members of class QTouchEvent are obsolete. They are provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using them in new code.

Public Types

(obsolete) enum DeviceType { }

Public Functions

(obsolete) QTouchEvent::DeviceType deviceType() const

Member Type Documentation

enum QTouchEvent::DeviceType

This enum represents the type of device that generated a QTouchEvent.

This enum has been deprecated. Use QTouchDevice::DeviceType instead.

See also QTouchDevice::DeviceType, QTouchDevice::type(), and QTouchEvent::device().

Member Function Documentation

QTouchEvent::DeviceType QTouchEvent::deviceType() const

Returns the touch device Type, which is of type DeviceType.

This function has been deprecated. Use QTouchDevice::type() instead.

See also QTouchDevice::type() and QTouchEvent::device().