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QWebEngineNewWindowRequest Class

A utility type for the QWebEnginePage::newWindowRequested() signal. More...

Header: #include <QWebEngineNewWindowRequest>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS WebEngineCore)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::WebEngineCore)
qmake: QT += webenginecore
Since: Qt 6.2
Instantiated By: WebEngineNewWindowRequest
Inherits: QObject

Public Types

enum DestinationType { InNewWindow, InNewTab, InNewDialog, InNewBackgroundTab }


Public Functions

QWebEngineNewWindowRequest::DestinationType destination() const
bool isUserInitiated() const
void openIn(QWebEnginePage *page)
QRect requestedGeometry() const
QUrl requestedUrl() const

Detailed Description

Contains information about a request to load a page in a separate web engine view.

See also QWebEnginePage::newWindowRequested().

Member Type Documentation

enum QWebEngineNewWindowRequest::DestinationType

This enum describes the type of window requested:

Constant Value Description
QWebEngineNewWindowRequest::InNewWindow 0 In a separate window.
QWebEngineNewWindowRequest::InNewTab 1 In a tab of the same window.
QWebEngineNewWindowRequest::InNewDialog 2 In a window without a tab bar, toolbar, or URL bar.
QWebEngineNewWindowRequest::InNewBackgroundTab 3 In a tab of the same window, without hiding the currently visible web engine view.

Property Documentation

[read-only] destination : const DestinationType

This property holds the type of window that is requested.

Access functions:

QWebEngineNewWindowRequest::DestinationType destination() const

[read-only] requestedGeometry : const QRect

This property holds the size that is requested for the new page.

Access functions:

QRect requestedGeometry() const

[read-only] requestedUrl : const QUrl

This property holds the URL that is requested for the new page.

Access functions:

QUrl requestedUrl() const

[read-only] userInitiated : const bool

Whether this page request was directly triggered as the result of a keyboard or mouse event.

You can use this property to block automatic popups.

Access functions:

bool isUserInitiated() const

Member Function Documentation

void QWebEngineNewWindowRequest::openIn(QWebEnginePage *page)

Opens the requested window in the view represented by page.

See also QWebEnginePage::newWindowRequested.

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