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QWidgetItem Class

The QWidgetItem class is a layout item that represents a widget. More...

Header: #include <QWidgetItem>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Widgets)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Widgets)
qmake: QT += widgets
Inherits: QLayoutItem

Public Functions

QWidgetItem(QWidget *widget)
virtual ~QWidgetItem()

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QSizePolicy::ControlTypes controlTypes() const override
virtual Qt::Orientations expandingDirections() const override
virtual QRect geometry() const override
virtual bool hasHeightForWidth() const override
virtual int heightForWidth(int w) const override
virtual bool isEmpty() const override
virtual QSize maximumSize() const override
virtual QSize minimumSize() const override
virtual void setGeometry(const QRect &rect) override
virtual QSize sizeHint() const override
virtual QWidget * widget() const override

Detailed Description

Normally, you don't need to use this class directly. Qt's built-in layout managers provide the following functions for manipulating widgets in layouts:

See also QLayout, QSpacerItem, and QLayoutItem::widget().

Member Function Documentation

QWidgetItem::QWidgetItem(QWidget *widget)

Creates an item containing the given widget.

[virtual] QWidgetItem::~QWidgetItem()


[override virtual] QSizePolicy::ControlTypes QWidgetItem::controlTypes() const

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::controlTypes() const.

Returns the control type associated with the widget for which this size policy applies.

See also QSizePolicy::controlType().

[override virtual] Qt::Orientations QWidgetItem::expandingDirections() const

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::expandingDirections() const.

[override virtual] QRect QWidgetItem::geometry() const

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::geometry() const.

See also setGeometry().

[override virtual] bool QWidgetItem::hasHeightForWidth() const

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::hasHeightForWidth() const.

[override virtual] int QWidgetItem::heightForWidth(int w) const

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::heightForWidth(int) const.

[override virtual] bool QWidgetItem::isEmpty() const

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::isEmpty() const.

Returns true if the widget is hidden; otherwise returns false.

See also QWidget::isHidden().

[override virtual] QSize QWidgetItem::maximumSize() const

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::maximumSize() const.

[override virtual] QSize QWidgetItem::minimumSize() const

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::minimumSize() const.

[override virtual] void QWidgetItem::setGeometry(const QRect &rect)

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::setGeometry(const QRect &r).

See also geometry().

[override virtual] QSize QWidgetItem::sizeHint() const

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::sizeHint() const.

[override virtual] QWidget *QWidgetItem::widget() const

Reimplements: QLayoutItem::widget() const.

Returns the widget managed by this item.

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