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What's New in Qt 6.0

Build System Changes in Qt 6

Building Qt from sources now requires CMake and Ninja. See Build System Changes in Qt 6 for more details on this and other changes in configure.

Changes to Supported Modules

Qt 6.0 is streamlined compared to Qt 5 and some modules are no longer in the default installation of Qt 6.0. Because of the modularized structure of Qt, new modules or previous Qt 5 modules may appear in future releases of Qt 6. For more information, visit the All Modules page.

The Changes to Qt Modules in Qt 6 has a list of API changes.

New Modules in Qt 6.0

The following are new modules in Qt 6.0.

Removed Modules in Qt 6.0

The following are Qt 5 modules that are not in Qt 6.0. They may be re-introduced in a future release of Qt 6.

Module qmake Comments
Qt Android Extras androidextras See Changes to Qt Extras Modules
Qt Bluetooth bluetooth
Qt Charts charts
Qt Data Visualization datavisualization
Qt Graphical Effects only QML types
Qt Location location
Qt Mac Extras macextras See Changes to Qt Extras Modules
Qt Multimedia multimedia
Qt Multimedia Widgets multimediawidgets
Qt NFC nfc
Qt Positioning positioning
Qt Purchasing purchasing
Qt Quick Extras Merged into Qt Quick Controls
Qt Remote Objects remoteobjects
Qt Script qtscript
Qt SCXML scxml
Qt Script Tools scripttools
Qt Sensors sensors
Qt Serial Bus serialbus
Qt Serial Port serialport
Qt Speech texttospeech
Qt WebChannel webchannel
Qt WebEngine webenginecore
Qt WebSockets websockets
Qt WebView webview
Qt Windows Extras winextras See Changes to Qt Extras Modules
Qt X11 Extras x11extras See Changes to Qt Extras Modules
Qt XML Patterns xmlpatterns

List of API Changes

These pages contain an overview of API changes in Qt 6.0:

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