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Alters the colors of the source item by applying an overlay color. More...

Import Statement: import .
Since: QtGraphicalEffects 1.0


Detailed Description

The effect is similar to what happens when a colorized glass is put on top of a grayscale image. The color for the overlay is given in the RGBA format.

Property Documentation

cached : bool

This property allows the effect output pixels to be cached in order to improve the rendering performance.

Every time the source or effect properties are changed, the pixels in the cache must be updated. Memory consumption is increased, because an extra buffer of memory is required for storing the effect output.

It is recommended to disable the cache when the source or the effect properties are animated.

By default, the property is set to false.

color : color

This property defines the RGBA color value which is used to colorize the source.

By default, the property is set to "transparent".

source : variant

This property defines the source item that provides the source pixels for the effect.