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Base type for pages used together with SocialView. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0
Since: Felgo 2.14.1


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Detailed Description

This type is the base type for all social page like SocialView::profilePage or SocialView::leaderboardPage. It can also be used to create custom SocialView pages that have easy access to the projects SocialView, FelgoGameNetwork and FelgoMultiplayer items.

Each social page automatically shows an ActivityIndicatorBarItem as Page::rightBarItem whenever the social view has pending FelgoGameNetwork requests. Overwrite the default item to replace it with another item. To show a custom loading indicator, the SocialView::isLoading property allows to access the current loading state.

It is sufficient to specify the SocialPage::socialViewItem for a custom page, which also makes the configured gameNetworkItem and multiplayerItem available. By default, the item with id socialView is used.

Property Documentation

gameNetworkItem : var

Allows to access the configured SocialView::gameNetworkItem from within the page.

multiplayerItem : var

Allows to access the configured SocialView::multiplayerItem from within the page. This can be undefined, if no multiplayer item is available.

socialViewItem : var

This property holds a reference to the SocialView item the page should work with. It allows to quickly access the SocialView item from within the page. This property is automatically set for the default social pages like SocialView::profilePage.

For custom social pages, the item with id socialView is used if available. Otherwise the property is undefined. Overwrite this property to use your custom SocialView item.