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Base type for custom user item delegates of SocialView. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0
Since: Felgo 2.14.1


Detailed Description

Property Documentation

contextItem : var

Some SocialView pages set this property to allow different usages of the same delegate within the page.

For example, the SocialView::leaderboardPage shows a friends-only and a general leaderboard that both use the configured SocialView::leaderboardUserDelegate. You can handle these leaderboards differently by checking the contextItem.friendsOnly property, which is either true or false.

gameNetworkItem : var

Allows to access the configured SocialView::gameNetworkItem from within the delegate.

gameNetworkUser : GameNetworkUser

This property is set by the SocialView and holds the GameNetworkUser object of the user, that is displayed by the SocialUserDelegate.

multiplayerItem : var

Allows to access the configured SocialView::multiplayerItem from within the delegate. This can be undefined, if no multiplayer item is available.

[read-only] parentPage : Page

Holds the page object that the delegate item is used within. Use this property to access page or modify page properties, or to push other pages to the Page::navigationStack.

socialViewItem : var

Allows to access the SocialView item from within the delegate. It is set to the default id socialView, if available in the scope of the delegate, and undefined otherwise. You can also overwrite this property to use your custom SocialView item id.

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