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How to make a game like Pong with Felgo - Creation of a Felgo game

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Overview
  2. Creation of a Felgo game
  3. GameWindow, Scenes and Physical Worlds
  4. The Level and the Ball
  5. Level Boundaries
  6. Paddles
  7. HUD
  8. Menus
  9. AI
  10. Special Effects
  11. Music and Sound
  12. Further Perspectives

Creation of a new Felgo game

First of all you should create a new project in the Qt Creator.

Creating an Empty Felgo Project is a good start.

Proceed with the target setup without any changes and choose a name for the Felgo game like VPong. Afterwards, the main.qml file is opened which contains a GameWindow and Scene item which is the basis for every resolution-independent Felgo game. If you need more information on project setups for Felgo see Getting Started with Felgo and Qt Creator.

Creation of a Felgo game

Now you can start to develop a game with Felgo.

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