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Encapsulates a Render Pass. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.4
Since: Qt 5.7
Instantiates: QRenderPass



Detailed Description

A RenderPass specifies a single rendering pass - an instance of shader program execution - used by Technique. A Render pass consists of a ShaderProgram and a list of FilterKey objects, a list of RenderState objects and a list of Parameter objects.

RenderPass executes the ShaderProgram using the given RenderState and Parameter nodes when at least one of FilterKey nodes being referenced matches any of the FilterKey nodes in RenderPassFilter or when no RenderPassFilter is present in the FrameGraph.

If the RenderPass defines a Parameter, it will be overridden by a Parameter with the same name if it exists in any of the Technique, Effect, Material, TechniqueFilter, RenderPassFilter associated with the pass at runtime. This still can be useful to define sane default values.

At render time, for each leaf node of the FrameGraph a base render state is recorded by accumulating states defined by all RenderStateSet nodes in the FrameGraph branch. Each RenderPass can overload this base render state by specifying its own RenderState nodes.

Technique {
    filterKeys: [
        FilterKey { name: "renderingStyle"; value: "forward" }
    graphicsApiFilter: {
        api: GraphicsApiFilter.OpenGL
        profile: GraphicsApiFilter.CoreProfile
        majorVersion: 3
        minorVersion: 1
    renderPasses: [
        RenderPass {
            id: pass
            shaderProgram: ShaderProgram {
                // ...
            parameters: [
                Parameter { name: "color"; value: "red" }
            renderStates: [
                DepthTest {}

See also RenderPassFilter, FilterKey, Parameter, RenderState, Effect, and Technique.

Property Documentation

filterKeys : list<FilterKey>

Holds the filter keys enabling the use of this render pass.

parameters : list<Parameter>

Holds the shader parameter values used by the render pass.

renderStates : list<RenderState>

Holds the render states used by the render pass.

shaderProgram : ShaderProgram

Holds the shader program to be used for this render pass.

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