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A base type for all data series. More...

Import Statement: import QtDataVisualization 1.4
Since: QtDataVisualization 1.0
Instantiates: QAbstract3DSeries
Inherited By:

Bar3DSeries, Scatter3DSeries, and Surface3DSeries



Detailed Description

This type is uncreatable, but contains properties that are exposed via the following subtypes: Bar3DSeries, Scatter3DSeries, and Surface3DSeries.

For more information, see Qt Data Visualization Data Handling.

Property Documentation

baseColor : color

Sets the base color of the series.

See also colorStyle and Theme3D.baseColors.

baseGradient : ColorGradient

Sets the base gradient of the series.

See also colorStyle and Theme3D.baseGradients.

colorStyle : Theme3D.ColorStyle

Sets the color style for the series.

See also Theme3D.colorStyle.

[read-only, since QtDataVisualization 1.1] itemLabel : string

The formatted item label. If there is no selected item or the selected item is not visible, returns an empty string.

This property was introduced in QtDataVisualization 1.1.

See also itemLabelFormat.

itemLabelFormat : string

The label format for data items in this series. This format is used for single item labels, for example, when an item is selected. How the format is interpreted depends on series type: Bar3DSeries, Scatter3DSeries, Surface3DSeries.

[since QtDataVisualization 1.1] itemLabelVisible : bool

If true, item labels are drawn as floating labels in the graph. Otherwise, item labels are not drawn. To show the item label in an external control, this property is set to false. Defaults to true.

This property was introduced in QtDataVisualization 1.1.

See also itemLabelFormat and itemLabel.

mesh : Abstract3DSeries.Mesh

Sets the mesh of the items in the series, or the selection pointer in case of Surface3DSeries. If the mesh is Abstract3DSeries.MeshUserDefined, then the userDefinedMesh property must also be set for items to render properly. The default value depends on the graph type.

See also QAbstract3DSeries::Mesh.

meshRotation : quaternion

Sets the mesh rotation that is applied to all items of the series. The rotation should be a normalized quaternion. For those series types that support item specific rotation, the rotations are multiplied together. Bar3DSeries ignores any rotation that is not around the y-axis. Surface3DSeries applies the rotation only to the selection pointer. Defaults to no rotation.

meshSmooth : bool

If true, smooth versions of predefined meshes set via the mesh property are used. This property does not affect custom meshes used when the mesh is set to Abstract3DSeries.MeshUserDefined. Defaults to false.

multiHighlightColor : color

Sets the multiple item highlight color of the series.

See also colorStyle and Theme3D.multiHighlightColor.

multiHighlightGradient : ColorGradient

Sets the multiple item highlight gradient of the series.

See also colorStyle and Theme3D.multiHighlightGradient.

name : string

The series name. It can be used in item label format with the tag @seriesName.

See also itemLabelFormat.

singleHighlightColor : color

Sets the single item highlight color of the series.

See also colorStyle and Theme3D.singleHighlightColor.

singleHighlightGradient : ColorGradient

Sets the single item highlight gradient of the series.

See also colorStyle and Theme3D.singleHighlightGradient.

[read-only] type : Abstract3DSeries.SeriesType

The type of the series. One of the QAbstract3DSeries::SeriesType values.

userDefinedMesh : string

Sets the filename for a user defined custom mesh for objects that is used when mesh is Abstract3DSeries.MeshUserDefined.

Note: The file needs to be in the Wavefront OBJ format and include vertices, normals, and UVs. It also needs to be in triangles.

visible : bool

Sets the visibility of the series. If false, the series is not rendered.

Method Documentation

void setMeshAxisAndAngle(vector3d axis, real angle)

A convenience function to construct a mesh rotation quaternion from axis and angle.

See also meshRotation.

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