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Represents a data series in a 3D surface graph. More...

Import Statement: import QtDataVisualization 1.4
Since: QtDataVisualization 1.0
Instantiates: QSurface3DSeries



Detailed Description

This type manages the series specific visual elements, as well as the series data (via a data proxy).

For a more complete description, see QSurface3DSeries.

See also Qt Data Visualization Data Handling.

Property Documentation

dataProxy : SurfaceDataProxy

The active data proxy. The series assumes ownership of any proxy set to it and deletes any previously set proxy when a new one is added. The proxy cannot be null or set to another series.

drawMode : DrawFlag

Sets the drawing mode to one of Surface3DSeries.DrawFlag. Clearing all flags is not allowed.

flatShadingEnabled : bool

Sets surface flat shading to enabled. It is preset to true by default. When disabled, the normals on the surface are interpolated making the edges look round. When enabled, the normals are kept the same on a triangle making the color of the triangle solid. This makes the data more readable from the model.

Note: Flat shaded surfaces require at least GLSL version 1.2 with GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 extension. The value of the flatShadingSupported property indicates whether flat shading is supported at runtime.

[read-only] flatShadingSupported : bool

Indicates whether flat shading for surfaces is supported by the current system. It requires at least GLSL version 1.2 with GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 extension.

Note: This read-only property is set to its correct value after the first render pass. Until then it is always true.

invalidSelectionPosition : point

A constant property providing an invalid selection position. This position is set to the selectedPoint property to clear the selection from this series.

See also AbstractGraph3D::clearSelection().

selectedPoint : point

Sets the surface grid point in the position specified by a row and a column in the data array of the series as selected. Only one point can be selected at a time.

To clear selection from this series, invalidSelectionPosition is set as the position. If this series is added to a graph, the graph can adjust the selection according to user interaction or if it becomes invalid.

Removing rows from or inserting rows to the series before the row of the selected point will adjust the selection so that the same point will stay selected.

See also AbstractGraph3D::clearSelection().

textureFile : string

The texture file name for the surface texture. To clear the texture, an empty file name is set.

[since 6.3] wireframeColor : color

The color used to draw the gridlines of the surface wireframe.

This property was introduced in Qt 6.3.

Qt_Technology_Partner_RGB_475 Qt_Service_Partner_RGB_475_padded