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Indicates background activity, for example, while content is being loaded. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Controls
Since: Qt 5.7



Detailed Description

The busy indicator should be used to indicate activity while content is being loaded or the UI is blocked waiting for a resource to become available.

The following snippet shows how to use the BusyIndicator:

BusyIndicator {
    running: image.status === Image.Loading

BusyIndicator is similar to an indeterminate ProgressBar. Both can be used to indicate background activity. The main difference is visual, and that ProgressBar can also present a concrete amount of progress (when it can be determined). Due to the visual difference, busy indicators and indeterminate progress bars fit different places in user interfaces. Typical places for a busy indicator:

See also Customizing BusyIndicator, Indicator Controls, and ProgressBar.

Property Documentation

running : bool

This property holds whether the busy indicator is currently indicating activity.

Note: The indicator is only visible when this property is set to true.

The default value is true.

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