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Affectors modify the attributes of particles during their lifetime. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Particles3D
Since: Qt 6.2


Inherited By:

Attractor3D, Gravity3D, PointRotator3D, Repeller3D, ScaleAffector3D, and Wander3D


Detailed Description

The Affector3D is an abstract base class of affectors like Gravity3D, Wander3D, and PointRotator3D.

By default affectors affect all particles in the system, but this can be limited by defining the particles list. If the system has multiple affectors, the order of affectors may result in different outcome, as affectors are applied one after another.

Property Documentation

enabled : bool

If enabled is set to false, this affector will not alter any particles. Usually this is used to conditionally turn an affector on or off.

The default value is true.

particles : List<Particle3D>

This list controls which logical particles will be affected. When empty, all particles in the system are affected.

system : ParticleSystem3D

This property defines the ParticleSystem3D for the affector. If system is direct parent of the affector, this property does not need to be defined.

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