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Declarative emitter bursts. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Particles3D
Since: Qt 6.2


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Detailed Description

This element defines particle bursts in the ParticleEmitter3D. These bursts are static, meaning that they are evaluated when the particlesystem starts. This allows better performance than DynamicBurst3D and bursting outside of the particlesystem time (so e.g. burst at 1000ms while system time starts from 2000ms).

Note: EmitBurst3D uses emitter properties (position, rotation etc.) at the particlesystem start. For dynamic emitters, use DynamicBurst3D instead.

For example, to emit 100 particles at the beginning, and 50 particles at 2 seconds, so that both bursts take 200 milliseconds:

ParticleEmitter3D {
    emitBursts: [
        EmitBurst3D {
            time: 0
            amount: 100
            duration: 200
        EmitBurst3D {
            time: 2000
            amount: 50
            duration: 200

Property Documentation

amount : int

This property defines the amount of particles emitted during the burst.

The default value is 0.

duration : int

This property defines the duration of the burst. The default value is 0, meaning all particles will burst at the beginning of time. If the duration is set, particles emitting is distributed between time and time + duration.

For example, to have emit rate of 400 between 1000 and 1200 milliseconds:

EmitBurst3D {
    time: 1000
    amount: 80
    duration: 1200

The default value is 0.

time : int

This property defines the time in milliseconds when emitting the burst starts.

The default value is 0.

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