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Qt3DCore Namespace

Contains classes that are the foundation for Qt 3D simulation framework, as well as classes that provide the ability to render using the Qt 3D framework. More...

Header: #include <Qt3DCore>
qmake: QT += 3dcore




    int qIdForNode(Qt3DCore::QNode *)
    int qIdsForNodes(const T &)

    Detailed Description

    Contains classes that are the foundation for Qt 3D simulation framework, as well as classes that provide the ability to render using the Qt 3D framework.


    class QNodeCreatedChange

    Used to notify when a node is created. More...

    class QNodeIdTypePair

    Type Documentation

    enum Qt3DCore::ChangeFlag

    The types of change that can be sent and received by Qt3D's change notification system.

    Constant Value Description
    Qt3DCore::NodeCreated 1 << 0 A new instance of a QNode subclass has been created.
    Qt3DCore::NodeDeleted 1 << 1 A QNode has been deleted.
    Qt3DCore::PropertyUpdated 1 << 2 A QNode property has been updated.
    Qt3DCore::PropertyValueAdded 1 << 3 A QNode has been added to the scene.
    Qt3DCore::PropertyValueRemoved 1 << 4 A QNode has been removed from the scene.
    Qt3DCore::CommandRequested 1 << 7 A QNodeCommand has been sent between a node and its backend.
    Qt3DCore::ComponentAdded 1 << 5 A QComponent has been added to a QEntity.
    Qt3DCore::ComponentRemoved 1 << 6 A QComponent has been removed from a QEntity.
    Qt3DCore::CallbackTriggered 1 << 8 A QNode triggered a callback.
    Qt3DCore::AllChanges 0xFFFFFFFF Allows an observer to monitor for any of the above changes.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QAspectJobPtr

    A shared pointer for QAspectJob.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QBackendNodeMapperPtr

    A shared pointer for QBackendNodeMapper.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QComponentAddedChangePtr

    A shared pointer for QComponentAddedChange.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QComponentRemovedChangePtr

    A shared pointer for QComponentRemovedChange.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QComponentVector

    List of QComponent pointers.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QDynamicPropertyUpdatedChangePtr

    A shared pointer for QDynamicPropertyUpdatedChange.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QEntityPtr

    A shared pointer for QEntity.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QNodeCommandPtr

    A shared pointer for QNodeCommand.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QNodeCreatedChangeBasePtr

    A shared pointer for QNodeCreatedChangeBase.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QNodeDestroyedChangePtr

    A shared pointer for QNodeDestroyedChange.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QNodePtr

    A shared pointer for QNode.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QNodeVector

    List of QNode pointers.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QPropertyNodeAddedChangePtr

    A shared pointer for QPropertyNodeAddedChange.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QPropertyNodeRemovedChangePtr

    A shared pointer for QPropertyNodeRemovedChange.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QPropertyUpdatedChangeBasePtr

    A shared pointer for QPropertyUpdatedChangeBase.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QPropertyUpdatedChangePtr

    A shared pointer for QPropertyUpdatedChange.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QPropertyValueAddedChangeBasePtr

    A shared pointer for QPropertyValueAddedChangeBase.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QPropertyValueAddedChangePtr

    A shared pointer for QPropertyValueAddedChange.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QPropertyValueRemovedChangeBasePtr

    A shared pointer for QPropertyValueRemovedChangeBase.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QPropertyValueRemovedChangePtr

    A shared pointer for QPropertyValueRemovedChange.

    typedef Qt3DCore::QStaticPropertyUpdatedChangeBasePtr

    A shared pointer for QStaticPropertyUpdatedChangeBase.

    Function Documentation

    int Qt3DCore::qIdForNode(Qt3DCore::QNode *)

    Returns node id for node.

    int Qt3DCore::qIdsForNodes(const T &)

    Returns vector of node ids for nodes.

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