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Qt3DCore Namespace

Contains classes that are the foundation for Qt 3D simulation framework, as well as classes that provide the ability to render using the Qt 3D framework. More...

Header: #include <Qt3DCore>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS 3dcore)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::3dcore)
qmake: QT += 3dcore


namespace Quick




qintptr functorTypeId()
size_t qHash(Qt3DCore::QNodeId id, size_t seed = 0)
Qt3DCore::QNodeId qIdForNode(Qt3DCore::QNode *node)
Qt3DCore::QNodeIdVector qIdsForNodes(const T &nodes)
QDebug operator<<(QDebug d, Qt3DCore::QNodeId id)

Detailed Description


namespace Qt3DCore::Quick


class QAbstractAspect

QAbstractAspect is the base class for aspects that provide a vertical slice of behavior. More...

class QAbstractFunctor

QAbstractFunctor is an abstract base class for all functors. More...

class QAbstractSkeleton

A skeleton contains the joints for a skinned mesh. More...

class QArmature

Used to calculate skinning transform matrices and set them on shaders. More...

class QAspectEngine

Responsible for handling all the QAbstractAspect subclasses that have been registered with the scene. More...

class QAspectJob

The base class for jobs executed in an aspect. More...

class QAttribute

Defines an attribute and how data should be read from a QBuffer. More...

class QBackendNode

The base class for all Qt3D backend nodes. More...

class QBackendNodeMapper

Creates and maps backend nodes to their respective frontend nodes. More...

class QBoundingVolume

can be used to override the bounding volume of an entity. More...

class QBuffer

Provides a data store for raw data to later be used as vertices or uniforms. More...

class QComponent

The base class of scene nodes that can be aggregated by Qt3DCore::QEntity instances as a component. More...

class QCoreSettings

The QCoreSettings class holds settings related to core data handling process. More...

class QEntity

Qt3DCore::QEntity is a Qt3DCore::QNode subclass that can aggregate several Qt3DCore::QComponent instances that will specify its behavior. More...

class QGeometry

Encapsulates geometry. More...

class QGeometryView

Encapsulates geometry details. More...

class QJoint

Used to transforms parts of skinned meshes. More...

class QNode

QNode is the base class of all Qt3D node classes used to build a Qt3D scene. More...

class QNodeId

Uniquely identifies a QNode. More...

class QSkeleton

Holds the data for a skeleton to be used with skinned meshes. More...

class QSkeletonLoader

Used to load a skeleton of joints from file. More...

class QTransform

Used to perform transforms on meshes. More...

Type Documentation


A shared pointer for QAspectJob.


A shared pointer for QBackendNodeMapper.


[alias] QComponentVector

List of QComponent pointers.


A shared pointer for QEntity.

[alias] QNodeIdVector

A vector of QNodeIds.

[alias] QNodePtr

A shared pointer for QNode.

[alias] QNodeVector

List of QNode pointers.

Function Documentation

template <typename T> qintptr Qt3DCore::functorTypeId()

Returns a pointer to the type id of the functor.

size_t qHash(Qt3DCore::QNodeId id, size_t seed = 0)

Returns hash of node with id and optional seed.

Qt3DCore::QNodeId qIdForNode(Qt3DCore::QNode *node)

Returns node id for node.

template <typename T> Qt3DCore::QNodeIdVector qIdsForNodes(const T &nodes)

Returns vector of node ids for nodes.

QDebug Qt3DCore::operator<<(QDebug d, Qt3DCore::QNodeId id)

<< with d and id. Returns QDebug.

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