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QRenderTargetSelector Class

class Qt3DRender::QRenderTargetSelector

Provides a way of specifying a render target. More...

Header: #include <QRenderTargetSelector>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS 3drender)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::3drender)
qmake: QT += 3drender
Since: Qt 5.7
Instantiated By: RenderTargetSelector
Inherits: Qt3DRender::QFrameGraphNode


  • target : Qt3DRender::QRenderTarget*

Public Functions

QRenderTargetSelector(Qt3DCore::QNode *parent = nullptr)
Qt3DRender::QRenderTarget * target() const

Public Slots

void setTarget(Qt3DRender::QRenderTarget *target)


void targetChanged(Qt3DRender::QRenderTarget *target)

Detailed Description

A Qt3DRender::QRenderTargetSelector is used to select active Qt3DRender::QRenderTarget for the FrameGraph. When QRenderTargetSelector is present in the FrameGraph, the rendering is directed into QTexture objects or draw buffers instead of the surface specified in the Qt3DRender::QRenderSurfaceSelector.

Property Documentation

target : Qt3DRender::QRenderTarget*

Holds the current render target

Access functions:

Qt3DRender::QRenderTarget * target() const
void setTarget(Qt3DRender::QRenderTarget *target)

Notifier signal:

void targetChanged(Qt3DRender::QRenderTarget *target)

Member Function Documentation

QRenderTargetSelector::QRenderTargetSelector(Qt3DCore::QNode *parent = nullptr)

Constructs QRenderTargetSelector with given parent.

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