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Add Gamification and Messaging to Your App

Many successful apps allow users to interact, compete or build social relationships. Features like an in-app chat, a friend system or leaderboards help to increase app retention and engagement rates. This applies for games as well as apps. The SocialView makes it easy to add such features. It takes advantage of ready-made services and also offers e.g. user profiles & authentication, cloud storage and much more.

Social Components for Profiles, Leaderboards or Chat

This is a list of available components to use FelgoGameNetwork and FelgoMultiplayer features like user profiles, leaderboard or chat in your app.


A simple button used for available social actions in user lists, for example to allow friend-request confirmation


Component for showing the flag image of game network users. Input properties are height and locale. Width is set automatically to match the image aspect ratio


Base type for pages used together with SocialView


Base type for custom user item delegates of SocialView


A rounded image view, which adapts facebook profile image urls to scale correctly within games and apps


Base type for SocialView pages that show a user search


Default UI for FelgoGameNetwork and FelgoMultiplayer features like user profiles, leaderboard or chat


Default button for SocialView pages that uses the configured SocialView fonts and colors

Mix with Game Components

You can use all game components from the SDK within your Apps. For an overview, visit the Felgo Games Documentation and Felgo Games Components Reference.

Blog Posts on Gamification and Messaging

We released 2 blog posts that containt tips and examples on this topic:

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