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Stack With Friends Demo

This demo is a physics-based action game about stacking as many boxes as fast as you can. It features user-generated level sharing and also an in-game level editor. You get rewarded for creating and sharing cool levels with the community.

Genre Community
Complexity Advanced
Project Location <Path to your Felgo SDK>/Examples/Felgo/demos/StackTheBoxWithCommunityEditor/StackTheBoxWithCommunityEditor.pro
To run this demo, open the .pro file with Qt Creator. This demo is also available for quick testing with the Felgo Sample Launcher
Published iOS, Android, Windows, Mac


This demo is a physics-based action game about stacking as many boxes as fast as you can. It features user-generated level sharing and an in-game LevelEditor. You get rewarded for creating cool levels and sharing them with the game community. It also includes FelgoGameNetwork for leaderboards for each level to compare with other players.

This game is published in the app stores and originally based on the StackTheBoxWithEditor Demo.

Used Felgo Features
  • Physics: Used for movement and collision detection.
  • Particles: Smoke when the box collides with another object like walls or other boxes.
  • LevelEditor: Create your own levels in the game and share them with others.
  • FelgoGameNetwork: Leaderboards per level, Achievements, Syncing Game Progress across devices & platforms.
  • Soomla In-app Purchase Plugin: Credits are used to download new levels. You can either earn these levels by publishing great levels and earning achievements, or you can buy them.
  • Facebook Plugin: Sync the game state across multiple devices & platforms, together with FelgoGameNetwork.
  • Flurry Plugin: Analyze user behavior to improve the game.
Stack With Friends Resources
App Store Description

Stack as many boxes as fast as you can in this physics-based action game!

  • The faster you spawn new boxes, the more bonus points you get!
  • Stack boxes by clever dragging them around and with tilting your device.
  • Compare your score world-wide in 1000s of levels created by the community and your friends.
  • Create your OWN LEVELS and get rewards for making cool levels!
  • Earn credits for unlocking achievements.
  • Challenge your friends to play your own levels and play their levels in return.
  • Full source code of Stack With Friends game available in Felgo SDK - build your own Stacking game in a day!

Bonus Details:

  • Level Sharing, Leaderboards & Achievements powered by Felgo Game Network
  • Stack With Friends Gameplay Video and Announcement available here
Stack With Friends Screenshots

This image shows the LevelEditor which allows level creation on mobile devices, during development and for the players.

The following image shows the game mode: the faster you press on the bar on the left side, the more points you get. Also, the more boxes you are able to stack the more points you get.

You can purchase levels created by the community. This feature is implemented with the LevelStore component:



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